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Sean Gale, RPh

Sean brings his 28 years of retail pharmacy experience to the forefront while researching and writing about CBD. His passion is to help people understand how to take CBD and get the most out of this revolutionary naturopathic supplement. Sean’s desire is to breakdown the complicated and sometimes tumultuous world of CBD into bite size, easily explained nuggets.

Learn the secrets about CBD that you won’t find anywhere else. The CBD Pharmacist’s proven method has helped over 1000 people find the right product, avoid the phonies, and experience relief with CBD! 

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Click on the links above to gain a more in depth education about CBD. I covered a wide variety of topics with Leigh and Erin that will be sure to provide with unique insights about this amazing cannabinoid. I really enjoyed each one of these podcasts and think you will too!

Are you in need of expertise? Questions on drug interactions or how to find the right dose? Do you need help finding a reputable manufacturer that you can trust? Well, your search is over with the CBD Pharmacist! Sign up for the online course which will review all of these topics and more! Turn to the profession that you can trust for the straight scoop on CBD. Click on the link below and see what CBD can do for you!

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Find all the CBD Pharmacist approved products here! Sean has meticulously studied and reviewed every products he sells. Each bottle of tincture, gummy, cream and capsules meets the highest standard in the industry. Each product we sell is GMP approved (clean labs and facilities) and has the highest quality ingredients that are lab certified. Feel free to reach out to Sean with any questions. Sean wants to help unlock the secrets of CBD with you and take you to the promised land of improved health and a fully functioning Endocannabinoid System.

***All products you purchase on this website are 100% guaranteed for up to 30 days, so feel free to buy with confidence! The CBD Pharmacist is here to help!

Blogs and articles written by the CBD Pharmacist

CBD and Pain

Taking CBD for pain is the #1 topic for research on the internet. It is estimated that between 66%-75% of people using CBD have been reported to use it for some sort of pain response and I believe this number

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CBD and Anxiety

CBD and Anxiety

Anxiety disorders are the most common mental illness in America, affecting over 40 million adults. Mental health conditions account for many of the top causes for disability not only here in America but also worldwide — conditions such as: major

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CBD and Sleep

CBD and Sleep

I have found the subject of sleep and sleep medications to be a difficult one through the years. Prescription drugs have been found to be effective in providing improved sleep quality or quantity, but users may pay a heavy price

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Drug Interactions And CBD

Drug Interactions Drug Interactions are a difficult and tumultuous subject to consider when talking about CBD. In this unregulated industry, little has been done to perform in-depth FDA approved studies to determine side effects and drug interactions. There are some

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is CBD? CBD is short for Cannabidiol, which is plant derived substance that comes from the Hemp plant. It is actually one of 118 different cannabinoids that are found in the hemp plant, and the number keeps growing! CBD

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What can CBD do for you?

Are you confused, conflicted, or confounded by CBD? Are you not sure who to trust or where to turn for reliable, truthful information? Well, look no further! Who better to illuminate the unknowns of this unregulated supplement than THE industry expert on prescription and OTC drugs, drug interactions, and how drugs work in the body.

If you have questions or doubts, then join the club, because I had them too! I didn’t understand how to take this naturopathic supplement, thought it didn’t work, and was ready to write off CBD as another fad. That is not what I found! If you want to figure out if CBD is right for you then look no further. I will help you develop 100% confidence in what CBD can, and cannot do for you. Learn how to spot the fakes and the frauds to find the right product. Learn how to properly dose the correct form and the right amount of this supplement while avoiding potentially dangerous drug interactions.

It is all right here! Plus a 100% money back guarantee!! Feel free to click on my videos or read my blog before signing up. I look forward to sharing this CBD journey with you.